Saturday, 26 March 2016

More winter images from Tromsø - March

March brought more days with good weather and fresh powder snow and below is a selection of photos from some of the ski tours. The first 2 are from a popular ski trip to the little hut Nonsbu. It is an easy track through hilly terrain and it is a nice tour all year round either on ski, foot or bicycle.

The next photo is a view towards Nordtinden from Kjølen. The weather was quite variable that day with several snow showers, and, as usual on Kjølen, it was pretty cold and windy at the top.

And last Thursday, we finally made it to Fugltinden in Malangen. Fugltinden is quite a distinctive mountain visible from the E8, the main road to Tromsø, and I had long wanted to go there. It is, however, more than an hour drive from Tromsø, so we often end up going to the more local mountains instead. It was a beautiful trip with great views all around from the top. And with good snow it was fun skiing down. Now we will have to come back to see what it looks like in summer.

Beautiful halo around the sun, photo taken by Tony.

Friday, 25 March 2016

New car

Sadly, our old car has given up after 19 years of good service. A repair would have cost at least 3 times the value of the car, so we decided that this wasn't worth doing. We spent a week test-driving a couple of cars and ended up buying a relatively new car, a 2.5 year old Subaru Forester. It is the same model that we had when we lived in Australia and with which we had good experiences. It doesn't have the greatest colour, but it should be reliable.

Some winter images from Tromsø - February

We have had a beautiful winter so far, a fair bit of snow and cold and sunny weather, and not so much rain and icy conditions. The days are getting longer quickly and soon we will be able to go on after-work trips in daylight. Below some photos from a couple of ski trips in February.

First some images from a short trip through fresh powder snow in early February. The days were still very short and the sun low, which gives a beautiful soft light.

The next 4 photos are from a ski trip to one of our favourite hills all year round, Nordtinden. Nordtinden is not very high, just over 600 m, but has a great view towards Vengsøya and smaller islands west of Tromsø.

Photo taken by Elisabeth.

And the last photo is from a ski trip to Ullstinden, another one of our favourites, on a cold and very windy day.

Photo taken by Elisabeth.