Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Bergen #3 - Løvstakken, Blåmanen, Rundemanen

Photos from 2 more walks around Bergen. The first walk was to Løvstakken on a warm but cloudy evening, the last of the warm days for a little while. Lots of people enjoying the mountain and the nice warm weather. The second walk was a couple of days later, up Fløyfjellet, Blåmanen and Rundemanen and down the steep steps of Stoltzekleiven. It was considerably colder that day - I even wished I had my woolen hat with me - and there were therefore very few people around once I got up on the mountain ridge; I did see a ring ouzel (Turdus torquatus, beflijster) which I haven't seen for years. I was just a bit too slow to get back and got surprised by a thunderstorm and heavy rain in the last half hour through town. Nice to see and hear lightning and thunder though, we hardly ever get any in Tromsø. 

Routes to Løvstakken (south of Bergen) and to Blåmanen and Rundemanen (northeast of Bergen)

Top of Løvstakken

Track down from Løvstakken

View from Blåmanen

Looking from Blåmanen towards Ulriken



Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Bergen #2 - Nordnes

Short evening walk around Nordnes, the older part of town with some very pretty streets. It was a warm evening and lots of people were out BBQ-ing in the park. A very summery atmosphere, but unfortunately also stacks and stacks of discarded engangsgriller (throw-away BBQ) next to overflowing rubbish bins.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Bergen #1 - Ulriken

Although I do miss the nice spring skiing in Tromsø, it is also very nice to be in Bergen, where it is already fully green; there are lots of flowers and it is quite a bit warmer than Tromsø where our garden is still partially covered in snow. The last 3 days it has been particularly warm in Bergen, 20-23 degrees C, so on the weekend I just had to go for a longer walk and decided to head up Ulriken. Lots of people had the same idea and there was a steady flow of people on most of the trails on the mountain. I expect that Fløyen (the closest mountain to the centre of Bergen) probably resembled an ant hill this weekend. But it is good to see that so many people are enjoying themselves with non-motorised activities outside.

Route up Ulriken

Looking towards Ulriken

Spring flowers in the forest

A steady flow of people walking up Ulriken; it is good to see so many people walking rather than taking the cable car

View from the cable car station down towards the centre of Bergen

View to the southwest; I am surprised to see so many huts and ruins all over this mountain

And a different route down a beautiful steep valley, not many people here

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Last skiing of the season?

This was probably the last ski trip of the season, a beautiful trip up Glimfjellet on Ringvassøya. Warm spring weather, and nice spring snow.