Sunday, 20 June 2010


The fieldwork season starts as soon as the snow melts in May or June. Most of the fieldwork I do is around the coast, where there is generally good exposure.

Student excursion on Vannøya

Looking at Håja, which has a gentle slope to the east and steep cliffs on the west

Crossbedding in metamorphosed sandstone

A steep gully in the mountain outlining a fault zone

Geologist in action


At the end of May, the summer route up Tromsdalstinden looked snow free and Saturday 29 May was forecasted to be the last warm and sunny day for a while, so we decided to head up there. We cycled up Tromsdalen until the turn off for the summer route and started walking from there. Quite a few others had the same idea and we met about 20 people coming down when we were walking up, but we had the top mostly for ourselves. A great day to be out here, and the view from the top was excellent as always. 

The weather forecast was right for a change, 3 days later it snowed down to 300 m.

Morning tea break with Tromsdalstinden in the background

Half way up, view back to Tromsø

Still lots of snow on the winter route

On the top

On the way down

Last skiing in May

A bit late, but here are some photos from the last skiing trips in the first half of May. A day trip from our house up Kjølen, the mountain behind our house, on a beautiful spring day.

Great view towards Ersfjorden

Store Blåmann

Looking south of Tromsø

And a long weekend in Abisko, Sweden, in the middle of May. Here we skied in the ski area at Riksgränsen for 2 days, practising our Telemark turns. It was also the weekend of the ice break-up on most of the major rivers, a very impressive sight with large blocks of ice being pushed up on the banks (and on the roads) by some very wild rivers. The sudden break-up did cause flooding and road closures throughout Troms.

This river near Abisko just broke up

Shattered river ice

Landscape around Abisko